PX Lounge – A Secret Worth Sharing

If you find yourself down in Old Town, Alexandria just outside DC’s jurisdiction, you might want to seek out the blue light off of King Street.  No, we don’t mean Walmart’s KMart’s Blue-Light Special of the day or your typical neon sign beckoning for beer patrons.  We’re referring to the “signal” — the “unmarked sign” — for one of the area’s only speakeasy-esque bars, more commonly known as PX Lounge.

If you’ve been to NYC, Chicago or Boston, chances are probable that you might have visited similar establishments.  Those “underground” destinations where the setting is intimate, darkness is separated by mere candlelight, the drinks handcrafted and an experience which pulls you in a bit more with each sip of your drink.  Having visited countless bars and lounges across The District, PX is one of few which naturally slows down a world increasingly compounded by “mind traffic” — those Monday-thru-Friday brain battles between sanity and a paycheck which leave us praising the weekend arrival.  PX is a destination for those seeking such an escape.

At the helm is Todd Thrasher: the mixologist/partner and skillful mind behind PX’s cocktails.  Mr. Thrasher and PX’s cocktails are award winning combinations of top quality spirits, hand-squeezed juices, house-made bitters and exceptional, unique ingredients that leave us wondering if he was an alchemist in a past life.  Our favorite example: The Smoker’s Delight (bourbon, Virginia-made honey, lemon, and the pièce de résistance — a few dashes from a blend of Old Virginia tobacco steeped in hot water, strained and reduced with sugar).

To find your seat at the bar or along the plush chairs under the chandelier lighting, first find the light.  If you’re lucky enough to arrive with the blue light on, dare to take a step up and have a knock on the front door.  Our experience left us wondering if we had the wrong house or if this whole thing even existed, as we stood anxiously awaiting a response.

If you’ve made it this far, we’ll leave you to discover PX for yourselves.  (We recommend a reservation by the way).  The journey is all part of the experience, but know that once you’ve arrived you are sure to find cocktails you won’t taste anywhere else.

PX – a great destination for an evening outside the ordinary.

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