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District Taco – The Way Tacos Should All Be.

What once began as a popular “meals-on-wheels” food truck, has now earned its reputation as a DC-Mexican hotspot.  District Taco, located at 13th and F Street NW, has just one problem — not enough locations, which is probably a good thing because if they set up shop in our neighborhood it would be rapidly overrun by a swarm of Georgetown’s finest.

Although District Taco still maintains its original mobile food cart, making stops in Northern VA and the District (see their Twitter page for daily locations), they have rapidly grown their reputation as a dine-in destination.  The Menu is packed with an abundance of fresh ingredients made from scratch daily.  The burrito is as solid as a brick.  It’s the kind of manwich we crave, packed with ingredients that fill you up, but won’t leave you feeling like that last time you swung through Taco Bell’s drive-thru.  The burrito with carnitas (slow cooked, pulled pork), pico de gallo, fresh jalapenos, garlic-lime rice, onion, cilantro, and black beans is our personal favorite combination.

The Tacos – some might refer to the portion size as falling on the “smaller” side of the scale, but compared to Bandolero, these tortilla treats are huge.  Other taco combinations include: carnitas, grilled chicken, chopped steak, barbacoa (slow cooked shredded beef), al pastor (carved rotisserie pork marinated with guajillo and chopped pineapple), or vegetarian (sorry vegans, we still do not understand nor will ever attempt to comprehend your dietary decisions).  Having sampled all but the “plain simple vegetarian” options, we can report that each selection consistently exceeds expectations.

Another simple, yet unique aspect of District Taco is their commitment to Boylan’s Bottling Co.  All bottled and fountain sodas are distributed from this bottling company, which has been crafting small-batch sodas since 1891.  A plate of fresh tacos, overflowing with fresh ingredients, and accompanied by one of Boylan’s old-world recipes is the perfect lunch any day of the week.  Prices are beyond wallet-friendly, and District Taco’s growing reputation makes us wonder just how long until Washingtonians start finding more locations around town.  Hopefully soon.

Homemade salsa (free at the “accompaniments bar”) — just another reason why District Taco is oh, so perfect.

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