Oceanaire Seafood Room

The Oceanaire Seafood Room

  In The District, we’re frequently recognized for our abundance of old-school steakhouses serving beautifully crafted cuts of beef, yet too often we forget about the delectable offerings of seafood for our “power-lunches” and “dinner soirees.”  If searching for seafood in DC, you would be wise to swing by Oceanaire, located on 1201 F Street NW.

The Menu is exactly what you would expect for fresh, abundant seafood and offers diners an almost limitless array of options from cold and hot appetizers, “Oceanaire Classics,” North Atlantic Lobster, Alaskan King Crab, and yes, even traditional cuts of steak, worthy of the “DC Steakhouse” title.

From our numerous visits to Oceanaire, we highly recommend starting over at the Oyster Bar with a sampling of fresh oysters (particularly the Blue Points, Malpeque, and North Umberlands).  Oyster aphrodisiacs not your thing?  Then go for the jumbo-lump crab-meat cocktail.  It’s simply incredible, with a hearty helping of jumbo lump crab-meat and house made cocktail sauce that makes for the perfect accompaniment.

Entrees are an easy selection due to the sheer volume and consistently perfect execution of each dish.  One of the CAYPO favorites is an “Oceanaire Classic”…the Fin and Shell Fish Stew.  It’s a Mediterranean-style fish soup with Pernod and a spicy garlic rouille.  The aroma is wonderfully bold and the dish has a depth of flavor that just begs to be soaked up by slivers of toasted bread.

The cocktail and Wine Lists are equally as extensive as the dining menu.  Although there appears to be a bottle to suit any wine-drinker’s taste, my fellow diner and I can never reach a truce in the infamous and seemingly never-ending battle between RED vs. WHITE wine.  Luckily, Oceanaire caters to our liquid disagreements and offers a vineyard-full of wine options by the glass.  CAYPO highly recommends a glass of the Estancia Pinot Noir (a great pairing with the Fish Stew or as a stand alone choice).

Menu, cocktails and wine aside, the decor and impeccable service are other factors that further our CAYPO recommendation.  The dining room atmosphere exudes an almost “cruise-ship” setting with dark woods, chrome metal lines, and uniquely placed lighting that gives a unique ambiance.

Oceanaire is a highly recommended destination for special events, power lunches and celebratory dinners.  The service is top-notch and the menu is equally impressive.

CAYPO recommended – Seafood Approved.
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