KAZ Sushi Bistro

Kaz Sushi Bistro on Urbanspoon  KAZ Sushi Bistro — arguably one of the best sushi restaurants in the District.  Chef Kaz Okochi is the mastermind behind our favorite restaurant, and was born and raised in Nagoya, Japan before opening the doors to his relaxed, yet modern sushi bistro in 1999.  The unannounced exterior helps to provide an intimate dining experience, and transports diners away from the frequent hustle of city life in the District.

Located at 1915 I Street NW, KAZ Sushi has consistently served up a classic sushi menu with weekly creative variations and always with exceptional service.  We highly recommend selecting a combination of sushi classics, in addition to trying out the evening specials which feature an array of fresh seafood creations (such as the Sea Scallop with prosciutto, creme fraiche and chives).

Chef KAZ prides himself on using only the freshest conventional and unconventional ingredients that “enhance rather than mask the natural flavor.”  His work and that of the bistro’s service clearly shines and are the reasons why CAYPO is a regular and the only spot we recommend for authentic Japanese fare without hesitation.

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