Chesapeake Room
- 501 8th Street SE

Sunday Brunch…it is the epitome of weekend enjoyment and the ideal way to spend a moment with friends and family before heading back to that lovely little place you call an office, a classroom or whatever else it is you do Monday-Friday.

Normally, we view the term “Brunch” to mean the kind of place where spreads of endless varieties of culinary creations tantalize the taste buds and cause the buffet plate in your hand to tremble in anticipation.  No menus, no questions, just where to begin.  However, The Chesapeake Room located near Capitol Hill/Southeast has changed that perception as they offer what is arguably one of the best spots to start off your last day of weekend salvation.

During our many visits, CAYPO has developed a Sunday routine that we highly recommend.  Pull up a heavily-cushioned, leather chair right up to the elaborate wood bar, order a Bloody Mary (made with Zing-Zang…the best) and marvel at the array of Brunch-menu items that are sure to leave you indecisive, all while the tropical fish and Sports Center highlights stream across the built-in tv and massive salt-water tank just above the bar.

If you’re left with uncertainty in what to order, CAYPO recommends starting with a cup of the Cream of Crab soup, with very generous portions of fresh crabmeat.  For entree, you can never go wrong with continuing the crab-feast mentality by ordering the Chesapeake Room Eggs, with its poached eggs over fresh crab cake and fried green tomatoes, topped with an herb beurre blanc, mushroom home fries and side of fresh fruit.

Prices are ideal, the food is spectacular and service is top-notch.  For the perfect way to start off your Sunday morning, take a stroll along the Eastern Market region and swing into Chesapeake Room.

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