Thunderburger Bar

MANWICH (man-wih-ch): n.

An exceptionally manly sandwich, usually consisting of copious amounts of meat.  The more extreme a manwich, the more man points someone gains by creating and eating it.
Caypo: dude, whatcha got in that manwich?
Dude: a 12oz steak, two loaves of bread, one jar of mayo with the jar still on, a melon and two cans of squirty cream. oh and a jar of habanero chilies.

It’s a debate that has been sparked outside the halls of Congress, away from the front steps of the White House, and across the “202″ region. Almost every guy has their own opinion and many lay claim to have the answer to the age-old question:  Who holds the title for DC’s best and most-original burger?

Countless carnivores have proudly gone to battle, waging a war against fellow foodies to stake their claim for “the best” DC burger.  We’re not talking about your average $1 menu double-cheeseburger from good ol’ McD’s.  No, we are talking about the ultimate “manwich”.  The kind of colossal creation that leaves vegans running and screaming for the spinach fields.  Behold, an answer – the Pig-in-a-Cowsuit Burger.

Thunder Burger & Bar, located in downtown Georgetown on M Street, has been successfully satisfying burger cravings with their energetic atmosphere and rock-star persona.  The Pig-in-a-Cowsuit happens to be one of the best manwiches Caypo writers have come across in quite some time.  The premium beef patty, thick-sliced cheddar cheese (forget the plastic packaged stuff from Walmart), tobacco onions, and the ultimate topper…slow cooked southern-style BBQ pulled pork.  Throw in a little fresh tomato slice and some iceberg lettuce to appease the heart-doctors and pretend we’re eating our veggies, and you have yourself one delectably satisfying burger. 

Caypo calls it the Chuck Norris of the burger patties.
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