Surfside Glover Park

Kate D. - Caypo Guest Idea DC’s Rooftop Bars.

Because there’s no better way to enjoy your next few months before the heat and fanny-pack toating, “can’t find my smart-trip” tourists arrive.  Where else could you go for that Friday Happy Hour, several stories up, with sun, cool breeze, ice-cold beer, and a collection of friends?  It’s no Caribbean Island, but still a close urban-oasis.

*UPDATE: July 29, 2011 -  After visiting several of the DC-Metro rooftop bars, CAYPO came to the conclusion that many of the overused descriptions that promise “spectacular views”, “great drink specials”, and “relaxed atmosphere” in reality are bars packed to maximum capacity with pricey drinks and not-to-mention, Johnny Jagger-Bombs, Tina Skankster and Raphael the Tourist.  We’re not saying these aren’t great people, but we were thinking more along the lines of an open space with a kick-back-grab-a-beer-wear-what-you-have-on-who-cares kind of place.  We’re talking something straight out of Kenny Chesney’s “Somewhere in the Sun” atmosphere.

If this is what you had in mind for an urban oasis, join CAYPO, and look no further than Surfside Restaurant.  It didn’t take the press long to catch on to the consensus that this local-neighborhood rooftop might be top of the charts when it comes to an escape from anyone suffering from DC-sensory overload.  CAYPO proudly joins in that acclaim and recommends that instead of the fried-up typical bar foods soaking in a luxurious grease-bath one would normally find, Surfside has found a way to bring healthy, fresh food to the rooftop happy hour.  Fresh tacos with a little pico-de-galla my senorita?  Given the scorching heat-wave that has cooked up the DC region, maxed out the a/c units, and tempted cold-showers across the city, Surfside is one deal-spot CAYPO can think of to grab a few friends on a Thursday evening, pour back the frozen margaritas, and live a little (if only for a few hours) on pure Island Time.
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